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    不文明行为 Immoral Behaviors in Public英语作文_公德作文1000字

    We may have experienced such an experience before: Most people always do some uncivilized things in a public places, which disgust and annoy most other people. Such as spitting, littering, peeing in public. Personally I had the embarrassing experience one late night of seeing a man peeing alongside the river. He was not embarrassed at all.

      Such inappropriate public behaviors have a terrible influence on society. On the one hand, most unsanitary behavior can spread germs and diseases to the general public. On the other hand, these behaviors may lead to the pollution of the environment and show little or no consideration for the environment.

      We have to take measures to improve this situation. Our government should emphasize this kind of behaviors. Our teachers should teach and enforce acceptable standards for all students. And in the home, parents should teach the children what is right by example.【不文明举动 Immoral Behaviors in Public英语作文】相干文章:

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