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    I like eating meat so much and I am so picky about food. My parents always worry about my diet, and they try to let me eat vegetables and fruits. But I only can have a little. But after my mom learns to make food with all kinds of cartoon pictures, I start to have a lot of food and don't picky anymore.


    As a child, I am very naughty and forget about what my mother tells me. One time, I go back home very late. When I see my mother, she smiles at first and then turns angry, because she has told me before if I go home late, I must tell her in advance. I let my mother heart-broken. I feel sorry and promise it won't happen again.


    I have a good friend, and her name is Li Mei. We know each other about two years. When I am in trouble, she helps me without hesitation. So I will also help her when she meets difficulty. We share our secrets and sometimes she will stay the night with me. We will talk very happily and go to sleep very late.


    I think it's very important for everyone to do sports. I like sports because they're not only good for my health but also good for my study. My favorite sport is swimming. Whenever I am free, I will have a swim with my friends in the swimming pool. After swimming,I usually feel happy and relaxed. What's more,Ican put more energy into my study. So let's do sports,and we will become stronger and stronger.


    Since I was very young, my parents would read me some stories before I slept. I like to hear the stories that describe a girl's growing up. These girls are so brave and become heroines at last. I want to be one of them, so I tell myself to be independent, helping my mom with her house work. She is very happy to see it.


    I always complain about my mother, because she is very strict to me and I can't do whatever I want. But some day, when I go home very late, she criticizes me at first and then asks me whether I get hurt. I explain to her that I just play with my friends. My mother loves me so much and she does everything for me.


    I have a new pen pal. Her name is Rosa. She is an American schoolgirl. She was born in April, 1992. Only two years older than me. She likes swimming. She says she swims very well. She lives with her parents. Her father is a doctor. Her mother is a teacher. But they don't in the same school. She studies English, math, music, history and some other subject at school. In her free time, she likes swimming, collecting stamps and listening to popular music.

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